Why do I write?

As some of you may know, a couple of days ago, I signed myself up for something called National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo for short.  By doing this, I have committed (and am challenging) myself to blog every day for the month of November.  I’m joining thousands of other bloggers in this challenge, and although I’m nervous about it, I’m looking forward to improving my skills as a blogger, especially since I am so new to the game.  With that, the wonderful crew at www.BlogHer.com , where the NaBloPoMo HQ is, have provided us with a new topic prompt each day.  Clearly, I haven’t been following along with them, but I am glad that they are there for the days when nothing is coming to me.

As I mentioned before, I write for my job.  When thinking about signing up for NaBloPoMo, I had to stop and ask myself just why I wanted to blog, and what I wanted to get out of it.

My answer is simple.  I spend my days writing stuff about and for other people, never getting to share my own stories and injecting some humour into what I write.  This gets old sometimes.  Although I like and enjoy my job, I want to write about positive things, things that matter to me.  So onecrazykid was born.  I wanted somewhere to talk about the good, the bad, the funny and crazy things that happen.  I wanted somewhere to celebrate all of the achievements and milestones.  I wanted somewhere to show off my kid.  I wanted to be able to connect to others, and maybe have others connect to me in some way.  I wrote a post the other day that was something that I needed to get off my chest, and put out into the world.  I got a comment from a friend, saying that reading those words were just what she needed that day.  That made it worth it for me.  Knowing that someone else felt what I was feeling, and that neither of us were alone in our thoughts.

It feels like we can be so disconnected from one another, and maybe the internet is partly to blame for that.  We don’t make the human, face to face connections that we did in years past.  But the internet is good for other things.  It allows my friend in Ontario to connect to what I was feeling the day before.  It lets me read recipes from a friend somewhere else in the country and be able to try something that I would never have thought of.  It lets mums and dads who are up in the middle of the night have someone else to talk to when it feels like the rest of the world is asleep.   So although it may not let us connect in the same way that we used to, but it does give us the tools to connect in new ways.  I wonder if it’s the same for other people.

Why do you write what you do?

With those thoughts, I’m going to sign off for tonight.  I want to spend some time connecting face to face with my big M and little Q.

What do you have planned for your weekend?

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