Best laid plans…

I had a plan for today’s post all worked out in my head. Then today happened. It all started out fine, we went to gymnastics, then for our traditional post gymnastics Starbucks date. We headed off to the mall to get the Q man’s hair cut. Then the day went a bit sideways. My husband called me – he was pretty sick and needed me to come pick him up to go to the hospital. So off to the ER we went.

He’s home and ok tonight, but it was enough to throw everything totally off kilter. No lunch for anyone, no nap for the kiddo. Add daylight savings time in there, and you have the potential for a bit of a mess. We have to keep Q up a bit later, despite him not napping, so that he’s not yelling “Mummy, mummy want to get up” at 5:00 tomorrow morning. So right now he’s watching the Wiggles on the computer while I try to get today’s post done. My apologies for it not being particularly thought provoking or interesting, but this is where my head has been, so that’s what ends up on the blog.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow brings a better day. I could sure use one.

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One Response to Best laid plans…

  1. Samantha says:

    Hugs… hope things are looking up today.

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