This is what I call perfect

Once again I am excited to be taking part in Stasha’s Monday Listicles.  This week’s topic is 10 things that make a perfect vacation.  Since we took an amazing 2 week holiday back in September to California, I thought that I would talk about the 10 things that made it perfect to me.

1.  Hotel rooms that we didn’t have to clean up and had (mostly) comfy beds.

 2. Crazy hair car pictures

3.  Pretty scenery on the drive there ( it took us 3 days each way, so I had lots to look at)

4. Seeing the smiles on my husband and son’s faces when we stopped for a stretch

5. The otter at the San Diego Zoo that kept coming to play with Q and another little girl, delighting them both for ages

6. Getting to share my love of animals ( especially the lemur in the background) with Q and watching him delight in all of them

7. The beach.  Need I say more?

8. The rides at Disneyland and getting to experience them for the first time with my boys

9. Seeing the wonder in Q’s eyes as he took in all that was Disneyland and the privilege of getting to see things through his eyes

10. Spending two glorious, uninterrupted weeks with the two loves of my life.  How could it get any more perfect than that?

I have had such fun sharing my perfect vacation.  What makes a vacation perfect for you?













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5 Responses to This is what I call perfect

  1. Oh yes, pretty much perfect! Love the photos!

  2. The beach and Disneyland together? What a lovely vacation! Nice crazy hair do 😉

  3. great photos & SD Zoo is wonderful, too. Looks like lots & lots of fun!

  4. Cookie's Mom says:

    That sounds like a great vacation, Brandee! We took our little guy to Disneyland last year and it was a blast!

  5. Ally says:

    Love the pics! Sounds like it WAS a fantastic vacation, and your little one looked to be enjoying every second 🙂

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