The joys of learning

In the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to pay closer attention to the things I observe and learn each day. I find that so much can slip by in a flash, without us really even noticing, so that all we are left with is a passing though or a fleeting glimpse of something cool.

I constantly wonder at the ability of my 3 year old to learn new things. Each day is something diffent to him, filled with new adventures and places and things to explore. He draws information in like a sponge draws in water, and it seems to feed and nourish his soul. Sometimes it makes me wonder when this learning starts to cease. It saddens me that when I look around, I rarely see the interest and the thirst for knowledge in the adults around me. More often than not, they seem to take the desire and ability to learn new things for granted. It doesn’t interest them to pick up and study a leaf, or a speck of cat hair. They don’t find the joy in a pair of fuzzy purple leg warmers. It warms my heart and brings a smile to my soul to see the world through his eyes, and reconnect with the fun of learning.

The small things are so often missed completely, and something that a child may think is the most interesting thing in the world at that second, may not get more than a passing glance from the grown up he is trying to show it too. I want my son to keep that love of learning with him always. There will be times when it feels more like work to learn one more new thing, or it may feel like his brain is full and can’t take anymore. We’ve all been there, but the true test is whether or not he chooses to continue to seek new opportunities out the next day. I want him to believe, both in his heart and his mind, that learning is fun, and that there are always new things to find. Sometimes you just need to look a bit harder for them.

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