To my little boy, at three

My little boy. You are now three. It must be tough for you – you know that you’re not a baby, but the big kids still don’t want to play. You have so much going on in your head, but sometimes you just don’t quite have the words to get your point across the way you want to. You get so frustrated sometimes that the only thing that you can think of to do is jump and yell. You want to be taken seriously at all times.

My little boy. You are developing such a big personality right now. You are really starting to let us know the things that you like, and the things that you don’t. Not that it didn’t happen before, but now these things are even more important to you now. You are full of opinions, on everything from what shirt to wear to whether or not you want your boots or shoes. You also have opinions on what your daddy and I should wear, much to our amusement. You are determined to wear the right pyjamas every night, and some nights only the raccoon will do. You know the things that you want to do, and the people you want to do them with.

My little boy. Every day, I see your imagination growing. I see the way you play with your toys, and how you act out scenes from your favorite movies. I watch as you take the Disney princesses, Buzz and Woody on rides on the Dinosaur Train. I watch you laugh as you race your cars with each other and ask me to join in, but then laughingly tell me that I am using the wrong car. I watch as you build towers and castles with your blocks, then ask me to help you build a giraffe or a dog, only to knock it down at the end. I love to hear about your travels as you load your friends up into your car and drive them around the house. I marvel at how you insist that your giant teddy bear must be seatbelted into your Lola’s van, because the Wiggles and Mummy and Daddy have taught you that you must always wear your seatbelt in the car.

My little boy. You have so much music in you. Watching you and listening to you, it seems to me that it must fill your body and run through your veins. Music lives in you, and I pray that it never leaves. You get so much joy from it, and for you, a day without music is no day at all. You fill your time with singing and dancing, and constantly amaze everyone around you with your uncanny sense of rhythm. Everything and anything is something to create music with, and your face lights up whenever you see any kind of instrument.

My little boy. Sometimes it feels as though you never stop moving. You are always in motion, and playing physically and doing sports comes naturally to you. Although you may be one of the littlest kids in the group, you are one of the strongest, fastest, and quickest learners. Don’t take that for granted. Many people will struggle with the things that come naturally to you. Share your gifts and continue to help others learn. I hope that you keep your love of sports. They will teach you teamwork and how to be a part of a group.

My little boy. I know that someday, there will be a day when your Daddy and I are not the most important people in the world to you. I know that you will not always come to me with your problems, and that kiss and a hug will not always make things right again. For now, though, I cherish these moments with you. I see you growing up before my eyes, and I want to savour every moment of this time. I know that you will only be three once, and that with each year comes new challenges and new triumphs. I look forward to each day with you, and to watching you continue to grow and learn.

Thank you for sharing your zest and love of life with me. Thank you for reminding me that it’s ok to listen and dance how the music moves you, not caring who may be watching or what they think. Thank you for making me stop sometimes and just look at the snow, or the leaves, or the puppy walking down the street. Thank you for making me take the time to play cars, or blocks, or sit and read a book with you. Most of all, though, thank you for just being you. I love you.

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