Christmas is coming – some thoughts

I have just come to the alarming realization that it is now less than one month ’till Christmas. I love Christmas but I always find myself running around like a crazy woman a week before the holiday trying to get everything done, mail cards, buy presents and keep my head from generally exploding. Every year I say that I’ll start earlier, and get my cards done and mailed by December 1st, but it never seems to work like that. Same goes for presents. We have an early December birthday in the family, so I never quite feel like I can get started on Christmas until that has passed. As you can tell, I have my excuses perfectly valid reasons perfected.

Then there’s the Christmas cards. I love both sending and receiving cards. Every year I carefully pick out my cards, write up a little letter, and handwrite all the cards. I put stamps on them and make the trek down to the post office. I do this because I think that it’s important to let my friends and family know that we are thinking of
them. It seems, however, that each year, fewer and fewer people are actually sending them out. This makes me sad. In this electronic age, lots of people prefer to post a message on Facebook or send out a mass group email. Why is this? Is it that cards are too much work? Or that people just don’t have, or are willing to make, the time?

I remember hanging the Christmas cards on a string as a kid, eagerly reading each one as it arrived. Every year since, during the holiday season, I have gone to the mailbox each day, always hoping to see the tell tale envelope. It makes me feel like a little kid again to open up a card and savour each word. It makes me feel special to think that someone thought and cared enough to take a few minutes out of their day for me. I hope that others feel the same way. People I’ve talked to say that they like getting cards, so maybe together we can bring back sending cards to each other.

What are your thoughts on cards? Are you a sender? Do you have any tips for surviving the holidays?

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One Response to Christmas is coming – some thoughts

  1. Samantha says:

    I thought I was all prepared for Christmas, and now I’m freaking out. So much to do! I need to make a list, otherwise I’m a-gonna lose my mind (some more… 😉 ).

    Email me your address, lady. I’ll send you a card. It might be a photo card, but it’ll be a card. 😉

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