Grey Cup Sunday – random thoughts

Today was Grey cup Sunday here in Canada. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Grey Cup is Canada’s version of the Superbowl, but not as cool. The Grey Cup has a long history with Canadian football, which does make it pretty cool, but I personally prefer the NFL to the CFL. This year, the 99th Grey Cup was hosted in Vancouver. I think that after the Stanley Cup riot in the spring everyone was a bit nervous about how it was all going to go down, but it looks like this time, Vancouver was able to put on a party that didn’t go sour.

I was watching Twitter after the game, and I saw some complaints about Jann Arden singing the national anthem in English only. She later replied that she knows absolutely no French and didn’t want to butcher the language. I honestly think that she couldn’t win either way. Had she sung in French and made mistakes, she would have been villified. Nickelback was the halftime show, and they didn’t sing in French either. Being that it was in Vancouver, I think it was an acceptable way to go.

I want to congratulate both the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the BC Lions for a game well played. And extra congratulations go to the Grey Cup 99 winners, the Lions!

As a football fan, I highly encourage you to give football a try next season if you haven’t before. CFL or NFL, it’s all good. The big hits are my favourite part. It’s a game that you may think you don’t, or won’t, like, but trust me, if you give it an honest go and try to learn mre about it, you might get hooked. (This from the girl who swore almost 12 years ago that football bored me to tears, but is now a big fan of the game and can talk football with the guys any day).

Are you a football fan? If so, which team (or teams) do you follow?

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