Searching for the Christmas magic

I am having a strange Christmas. Normally I love Christmas, getting the tree up and decorating it, sending and receiving cards, shopping for things that I hope that people will love. This year feels a bit different for some reason. I’ve been sick pretty much since November, first with bronchitis/pneumonia, and now my bronchitis is back. I find myself struggling with finding the energy and motivation to actually do anything right now. I’ve got really bad vertigo from the super strong antibiotics that my Dr. has me on. Consequently, I can’t really do much of anything. No driving, no playing, nothing.

This is the first year that Q has really “gotten” Christmas. They learned about the First Christmas at pre-school, and he knows words to some Christmas songs. He is really into it, and I love seeing it. He knows about Santa, and the Christmas tree, and is loving watching Christmas shows that I’ve taped for him. This is where the magic comes into it for me this year. I feel like I can’t let him down. I want so much to make this a magical and amazing Christmas for him. I see how his eyes light up at the sight of the lights, and the tree. I can hear his excitement as he sings Jingle Bells for the umpteenth time. I hear how tenderly he tells me about the Christmas Story, and how Baby Jesus was born. This is special to him.

It’s easy to become disenchanted with all of the commercialism that happens at this time of year. People get crazy, trying to buy anything and everything, and fighting over parking spots at the mall. It’s SO easy to forget what it is all about. Even if you don’t celebrate the Christian traditions, it is still about spending time with the people you love and enjoying their company. And for me, it’s about seeing the look of wonder in Q’s eyes.

We need to make traditions with him, and enjoy seeing Christmas through his eyes. That is where I’m going to find the magic this year. He’s not going to be 3 forever, and I don’t want to spend the holiday stressing over what I forgot, or didn’t do. It’s about what we have done, and will do this year, and I have to remember that.

Do you have any special traditions that you have incorporated with your kids or family? I would love to hear about them!

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