Adventures in sledding, 3 year old style

Last night, it snowed.  We got about 4″ of snow, which is a big deal, since it doesn’t snow much where we live.  The kiddo was thrilled to see the “snowball” as he calls it.  All he wanted to do was play in it, but he had gymnastics this morning, so I thought it best to wait until later to head out into the white stuff.

After lunch, my husband stopped at the store and picked up a sled for him.  We headed over to the local elementary school, which has a field with hills in it, and suited the kid up.  Snowsuit, boots, mittens and helmet.  He was all set.  We lined up the sled at the top of the little hill, he hopped on, and away he went.  The sled zipped down the hill, kid squealing in delight the whole way down.  It was an awesome sight.  He climbed up the little hill, half carrying half dragging the sled in front of him, only to hop back on at the top and zoom away again.  Cries of “again” and “more” could be heard, and peals of laughter filled the air.

His dad and I took our turns on the sled, both by ourselves and with Q.  I laughed as he sat on his dad’s back and rode him down the hill.  At one point, all three of us got on the sled.  It barely fit us, but Q thought it was great.  I got snow in my jeans, down my boots and into my socks.  Husband ended up with snow in his hoodie, down his jeans and shirt and into his shoes.  You can’t pay for this kind of fun.

As he got more confident, he got braver.  He tried sliding down on his back, and his tummy.  Headfirst, like he was competing in skeleton.  At first I worried a bit about him crashing and breaking an arm or leg, but as I watched him, I could see the confidence and assurance that he had in his own abilities.  He instinctively knew when to lie down on the sled to get more control.  He knew when to roll off or cover his eyes.  He didn’t need me to worry.  So I didn’t.  I just watched, and laughed, and enjoyed.

What are some of your favourite snow adventures?

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1 Response to Adventures in sledding, 3 year old style

  1. Audrey says:

    It snowed here too! And we have been trying to get our 2 year old out in it. He’s not as excited as my husband is 🙂 Sounds like you guys had fun though!

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