Wanna see my stash?

Tea stash, that is. If you were hoping to see something else, I’m sorry to disappoint.  My friend Amber issued a tea challenge last week.  As a newly converted tea drinker, I had to join in the fun.

I only really discovered the joy of tea a couple of months ago, when I heard some friends on Twitter mentioning David’s Tea.  Since I had never heard of David’s Tea, I thought that I would check out their website.  I liked the sound of some of the teas, but I just couldn’t imagine that it would be any different than the tea that I had tried before from the grocery store.  I grew up drinking the occasional cup of good old orange pekoe in the bag from Tetley’s.  I would occasionally venture into the world of the flavoured, herbal teas – you know, the fruity ones that smell delicious, but just don’t taste like you think that they should.  Those ones always left me feeling disappointed, and I would end up with 3/4 of a box of assorted fruity teas sitting in my cupboard, only to be brought out when company arrived.  I had pretty much given up on there being anything different in the world of tea. They all smelled good, but just didn’t live up to themselves once I started to drink.

Enter David’s Tea.  Shortly after I started hearing about these delicious teas, which, by the way, I initially brushed off as being “just another disappointing tea”, before I had even ever tried them, I noticed that a location had opened up in my local mall.  My curiosity was piqued. I went in, and was immediately greeted by someone who offered me a sample.  I tried it, albeit slightly hesitantly.  “Wait, this actually tastes like it smells” I thought.  As I started talking to the employee, she began to show me some different teas. Each time she would pull one off the shelf, she would pop open the lid and encourage me to have a look and a smell of it, while explaining what the flavours were.  I was a bit taken aback, as this didn’t look like any tea that I had ever seen.  These teas had chunks of stuff in them, like pieces of apples and nuts.  Things that I could identify.  Not ground up leaves stuffed into a little bag.  I was intrigued.  I left that day with a couple of different kinds to try, including a Pumpkin Chai tea.

Since that day, I have been unable to go into a store without leaving with at least a couple of different kinds in hand.  At Christmas time, they had an advent calendar, with a different type of tea for each day.  It was almost $40, so I waffled on it for a while, until I finally decided to get it.  Sadly for me, it was too late and they were sold out.  The employee working there offered to make me up a custom “calendar”, and so I took a tea menu away for a while and picked out 24 different types that I wanted to try.  I took it back and left the store with a bag full of new and exciting tea to try.  Some I loved, some I was indifferent about.

Now, two months later, I have this:

My tea stash

I counted, and not including the 12 individual containers in the sampler box, there is 45 containers of tea.  I included my husband’s tea in there too, but the majority of what you see is mine.  I have everything ranging from the straight teas (my husband) in green, black, and white, to my fancy flavoured teas.  I have white tea, black tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea, herbal tea, and green teas.  I even have a mate tea.  I have teas for pretty much any mood, from “I need to wake up” to “I need to chill out and relax”.  I have tea with fruit in it, tea with spices, and tea with little candies in it.  I am always on the look out for the next yummy tea.  Now, instead of making myself a latte in the morning, I look forward to going to my tea cupboard and picking out the favour to match my mood.

Let’s all say it together.  I LOVE TEA!

I could probably go on and on about my new found love of tea, but I don’t want to bore you.

I showed you mine, now will you show me yours?

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7 Responses to Wanna see my stash?

  1. I’m itching to visit a David’s Tea now…hello, playground!

  2. Holy tea stash. And I thought I had a lot! Tea is goood.

  3. Amber says:

    You should totally be a spokesperson for David’s Tea. Oh, the money I could spend in that store!

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