I had this grand plan to get my blogging for today, and maybe even a couple of extra posts for the week done yesterday.  It seemed reasonable, until last night my little dude got sick, and we had to take him to the hospital emergency room.  Thankfully, as it turns out, it is just an ear infection and likely a cold to add insult to injury, but there is something so scary about seeing your little person so sick and feverish that he can’t even really talk that makes you stop for a minute.  So for the next couple of days, if I get my posts done, they will get done.  If my little dude needs me though, that’s where I’ll be.  I hate seeing him so sick and sad, and if cuddle time and stories are what will help him through this, then that is what I want to do.  So what if I have to read Skippyjon Jones and Mater and the Easter Buggy twenty times each?  Someday, he’ll be all grown up and won’t want me to do that anymore.  I hate to think of that day, so for now, I will just love him, as he is, which, right now is a snotty, crabby, fevery mess, and be his mama.

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2 Responses to Priorities

  1. Sharon says:

    Awwww….I hope he feels better soon. Big hugs little mama.

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