Pleasures? Yes. Guilty? No

I think that it’s important to have things that we do, or have, that make us happy. I always wonder, though, why do we feel guilty about it?  You like what you like.  Own it and enjoy it!

This week, for Monday Listicles, Miss Marina Star decided that we should talk about our guilty pleasures.  Well, I say that yes, I have pleasures, but no! they don’t make me feel guilty.  (Well, maybe just a little, but that’s a whole other issue).

Lattes – anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy a good Starbucks latte or mocha or caramel macchiato daily on occasion.  Although I have actually cut back on my trips to Starbucks, every weekend, I go with the Q man and my husband to sit and enjoy a drink and a snack.

Chocolate – I looooove some good chocolate.  Purdy’s, Callebaut, the yummy stuff.  None of that ordinary stuff for this girl.  Well, maybe sometimes, but that can be between us, ok?

Going to the spa – Really, who doesn’t love to have their muscles pummled into oblivion by a tiny spa therapist. Or have their nails painted, or goop put on their face?  Not me, that is for sure! 😉

Glee – yes, I watch it.  No, don’t laugh.  As a former choir member and ever so slight high school misfit, it somehow strikes a chord with me.  Plus, the music is fun. Don’t judge.

Books – I love them. If I could, I would probably fill an entire library by myself.  For some strange reason, I can’t walk buy a bookstore without stopping in and buying a book or four for myself or the Q man.  I have boxes of books in my closet and there are more books in the shelf than there is room for them, but I’m ok with that. Plus, I can’t give them away. I’m weird like that.

my iPad – We are  might be joined at the hip.  We travel pretty much everywhere together, and, I will admit, may have slept together a time or two.  It’s got everything I need, books, games, and access to the ‘net. Pictures, music and now a camera.  What more could a girl want?

Reality shows – no, I’m not talking about the Real Housewives series, what do you take me for here people?  I’m talking the Amazing Race, and Survivor.  So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent.  They amuse me.  Plus, I would love to be on the Amazing Race.  I think that I could kick some serious butt, except maybe when it came to those eating or height challenges.  Those might be a problem.

Tea – glorious, lovely David’s Tea.  Have you seen my stash?  I am not a tiny bit ashamed to admit that it may have grown since then too.  I may have been called a tea addict a time or two, but really, who hasn’t?

Twitter – need I say more?

Rock Band – I am the resident vocalist at our house, and can rock out Bohemian Rhapsody with the best of them.  I love belting out a good tune while my husband and son are plinking away at the guitar, drums or keyboard.  We can get quite a rocking band going here.  What? It’s fun!!!

I would love to hear about your guilty pleasures.  Do we share any in common? If so, let’s be friends.  If you send tea or chocolate, we can be friends forever.  😉

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3 Responses to Pleasures? Yes. Guilty? No

  1. Stasha says:

    If you ever decide to go on Amazing Race, can I bee your team mate. We will be fueled on Starbuck and chocolate and sip tea when we are not trying to win. You can do the singing…

  2. Tairalyn says:

    Ha Ha – If you send Tea or Chocolates we can be friends forever.. sounds like an “offer” I would make!

    Fabulous Blog!
    Congrats on the achievement of Top 30 Mama Bloggers in Vancouver… I too grace the list and feel so honored. Looking forward to meeting all you ladies come the Big DAY… Hope to see you there.

    I would love to have you pop by Little Miss Mama and see where I like to call home. I promise the Tea ill be served steaming, along side a “did you see what she was wearing”. Don’t get me started on the Cupcakes here – they are always served with the PERFECT Cake to Icing ratio! Its pretty peachy over here!


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