Family night at the hockey game

Last night, we took Q to his first professional hockey game.  We have an AHL team in our town, and we decided to check out a game as a family.  My husband and I have been to a few games in the past, but this was our first time going together as a family.  I wasn’t sure how much Q would like it, given that he gets scared around some loud noises, but he surprised me.  He loved the music, as I knew that he would, and when the play made it’s way to our end, he thought it was pretty cool.  We had great seats, and so we could see all the action really well, which I think helped him enjoy the game a little more.

I had come prepared, and had his LeapPad in my bag.  I ended up having to give it to him for a little while in the second period, after the horn that was blasted after our team scored scared the crap out of him.  When we first arrived, he asked for popcorn and iced tea, so my husband obliged.  He later asked for a hot dog, which both shocked and horrified me, as I am a hater of the hot dog and don’t serve them at home.  Since it was $1 hot dog night, my husband once again obliged, and picked him up a hot dog.  Q took one look at it and recoiled in horror.  I think that he liked the idea of the hot dog, but when faced with it and asked to eat it, he thought better of it. I have to admit, that made me a little happy.  😉  We also picked up some mini cupcakes from a fabulous local cupcake place out of the arena, which made me happier.  I love a good red velvet cupcake, and theirs are delicious.

At the second intermission, Q was standing along the boards watching the entertainment and the guys fixing the ice.  All of a sudden, the ice maintenance guy came over and motioned my husband to bring Q where there was no netting, near the blue line, so he could throw something over to him.  It was a game puck.  Q was thrilled, and I think that it made his whole night.

All in all, we had a fantastic evening, and will do it again, possibly tomorrow, since it is the last game of the season.  I am so happy that we have such a positive, family friendly place that is affordable for a night out.

What kinds of things do you like to do as a family?

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2 Responses to Family night at the hockey game

  1. Stasha says:

    I am so glad you all had fun. We try to do lots of grown up things, some with more success then others. But we have never ‘found’ a puck before 🙂

    • onecrazykid says:

      We sounds like we do a lot of similar things with our boys. We actually enjoyed it so much that we went again on Sunday, and had a blast! I think that for me, it’s important that he experience things that are more for everyone, and not just focused solely on him – my hope is that it will make him a more rounded person. Plus, it’s fun to try new things together as a family. 🙂

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