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Slowing down the crazy kid

My little guy is a very full-on, super energetic kid.  He is very intense, and everything is done and felt at 110%, be it running around, laughing loudly, or feeling sad.  He has always been this way, right from the … Continue reading

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Time keeps on ticking

Well, it’s Monday Listicles time again. I’ve been so busy in the last few weeks that I haven’t been blogging much.  I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things starting today.  This week’s topic, chosen by Rachel, was … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just have to be brave…

Last Saturday, I put on my big girl pants and did something that scared the living crap out of me. I auditioned for a part in the charity aerial arts production that my pole studio is putting on in May. … Continue reading

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Being brave

A few weeks ago, I decided to completely put myself out there and do something that would require me to get over myself and my fears and just do it.  At the time, it seemed like something that was far … Continue reading

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Wanna see my stash?

Tea stash, that is. If you were hoping to see something else, I’m sorry to disappoint.  My friend Amber issued a tea challenge last week.  As a newly converted tea drinker, I had to join in the fun. I only really … Continue reading

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One word for 2012

It’s the first day of 2012, and although I know that I could make New Years Resolutions, I know that I won’t stick to them.  Instead, I am going to follow the lead of a number of people, including Amber … Continue reading

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Searching for the Christmas magic

I am having a strange Christmas. Normally I love Christmas, getting the tree up and decorating it, sending and receiving cards, shopping for things that I hope that people will love. This year feels a bit different for some reason. … Continue reading

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